Day by day

Look in the mirror! someone is sick.

Hmmm, I am. I think it’s the season moment when everybody could be sick easily.

Why being sick in this period it’s normal, you could be sick in another season of year?

This isn’t an usually sick, this period of year it’s the most contagious period, now the emotions of all the year long are ready to explode in a red and blue rounded  shape, with one thorn in the down of it. Unexplainable, but it happens.

No way dude! last year I was also sick but no explosion has happened. Also my mom helped me to heal …

Look, my friend…your mom helped you with a special medication, she used a bit of that red shape with one thorn in his down- in emotional life it’s named love- and that explain your case.

Ough! it’s real what you tell me, did exist in this world someone, out of my mom, to help me with that medication?

My closely friend, the world it’s as big as you don’t think, here are many people and so many ways of living or giving emotions, that you must be too prepared to receive something like you want, from another one, we mean girl.

It seems that will be complicated…why people cheating?

Why!? we always think at this question. The answer it will be gave by the person you trust mostly and then…you will be in your own world and you’ll cry for this reason…life

Did someone passed that!? I think it hurts too much and scares me, life!

She is, almost, the person with more than one face, she will ever made you cry, you’ll cry the river of emotions. She will want another else for benefits and for trying man’s, because it’s abnormal to live with one person for a long time, in them mind. Don’t ask me again, why! the answer it’s too complicated to be explained now, by this way, in this moment.You, my friend, now you should think if it make sense to live on Earth, even Son of the Earth has this problem.

World is materialistic, it will remain, regardless of who we meet […] I wait the person wich will contradicting my words

(Caption from a talk with an alien friend)